“33 year vegan’s 33 tips for vegans ” by Vegan Poet

“33 year vegan’s 33 tips for vegans” by Vegan Poet

My personal comment in the comments section at the end of this blog post. Please note that veganism is much more than a diet, and that I am only leaving a comment relating to the health:

I would like to suggest to people to get their Vitamin D blood levels checked yearly (consider getting Vitamin B12, DHA levels as well). It’s a good idea to have a comprehensive blood screen each year. Request these tests from your medical practitioner.

Just as an added note, if you find that your blood iron levels are on the high side or always on the upper side of normal, consider having a simple test for hemochromatosis . It could save your life.

It’s a good idea that people take an interest in their own health and do their own health research and research the health of nonhumans they live with. It’s a good idea to keep records of blood results and review them yourself. Many doctors are not even looking for Vitamin D or B12 deficiency or iron overload.

A friend who gets plenty of sunlight exposure discovered she had dangerously low Vitamin D blood levels. Vitamin D deficiency has become a widespread problem globally, particularly with people with a high percentage of melanin in their skin. If one searches “Vitamin D deficiency” one will find many many articles including medical journal articles which indicate that there is widespread D deficiency occurring and that this deficiency appears to be a major contributor to many very serious illnesses including breast cancer, colon cancer, depression, diabetes type 2 and so on. So I would urge everyone to get their blood Vitamin D levels taken each year. Apparently there are many people who do not synthesize Vitamin D successfully from sunlight.

I found to my surprise, that I also had very low blood levels 3 years ago and so I started taking a supplement “Source of Life Garden Vitamin D3” which is vegan. This product was thoroughly researched by a vegan friend a couple of years ago, and the chemist assured him that the production process as well as the ingredients are vegan.

Disclaimer: Please note I make no financial gain from mentioning any vegan products. Please note I do not endorse opinions, links or ads on this site.

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