On my early morning walk today, I watched the mothers being walked down the hill…….

On LiveVegan today I wrote:

On my early morning walk today, from a distance I watched — as I regularly do– mothers being walked down the hill to where they have their milk stolen from them. Milk that was meant for their children. Their children were also stolen from them, and many of them were murdered shortly after. For days their mothers would call out for them and grieve. This is the story of dairy. This is a story of violence. This is how we enslave and torture mothers.

Every time you eat a piece of cheese, consume yoghurt or drink your early morning dairy latte, you are participating in great violence against these mothers. And one day — after a few years of being repeatedly impregnated and their children stolen, these mothers will be murdered.

They all loved life as we do, and did not want to die.

Please go vegan. It’s easy. It’s better for you (because animal products are deleterious for one’s health), for the planet (because animal use is an ecological nightmare) and most importantly, it’s the morally right and just thing to do.

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Milk comes from a Grieving Mother

by Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary (http://www.peacefulprairie.org )  

[This is a description of “free-range, organic” dairy.]

Every Year, millions of mothers all over the world are forced to endure the worst loss.

All females used for milk production are torn from their babies shortly after birth.

Some try to fight off the attackers, some try to shield their babies with their own bodies, some chase frantically after the transport,some cry pitifully, some withdraw in silent despair. Some go trustingly with their keepers only to return to an empty stall.

They all beg for their babies in language that requires no translation:

They bellow, they cry, they moan. Many continue to call for their babies for days and nights on end. Some stop eating and drinking.They search feverishly. Many refuse to give up and will return to the empty spot again and again. Some withdraw in silent grief.They all remember to their last breath the face, the scent, the voice, the gait of every baby they carried for nine months, soundered to, birthed with difficulty, bathed, loved, and never got to know, nurture, protect, and watch live. Their baby girls will be raised to replace their own “spent” mothers, their baby boys will be killed for veal.

After repeated cycles of forced impregnations, painful births, relentless milkings, and crushing bereavements, their spirit gives, their bodies wither, their milk dries up. At the age when, in nature, a female cow would barely enter adulthood,the life of a dairy cow is over. When her milk “production” declines, she and her other “spent” herd mates are trucked off to slaughter. Some are pregnant. All are still lactating. As they are shoved towards their death, they drip milk onto the killing floor.

All Dairy operations, whether conventional or organic, exist solely by doing to millions of defenseless females the worst thing anyone can do to a mother. Dairy consumers support and perpetuate this intentional cruelty with their purchase.

You can stop it

Please go vegan now

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