Nonviolence and peace are inevitable

Dennis Kucinich: Violence and war are not inevitable. We must call on our higher capacities for communication, dialogue and compassion. We are in a new era where we must understand the fundamental truth of our time is human unity. The world is interconnected and interdependent. We are all one. Acting from that thinking we can pursue the science of human relations to determine ways to settle conflict without violence. We must develop the capacity for non-violent conflict resolution or risk being engulfed by an ever-widening circle of violence.

We must change the metaphor of our society from one of war to one of peace. This is what stands behind the push to create a cabinet level Department of Peace, to institutionalize the capacity of peace, just as our government spends as much as a trillion dollars yearly as a result of the institutionalization of the capacity of war.

War is not inevitable. Nonviolence and peace are inevitable.  America can make of this world a gift of peace which will confirm the presence of universal spirit in our lives. We can send into the future the gift which will protect our children from fear, from harm, from destruction.


Trickle down effect

Someone made a comment in regards the above post of Kucinich’s quote on LiveVegan today. They said:

Speaking of political figures:
-Out of all of the 2012 presidential candidates for the US, who would you most want to win including 3rd parties? Or who do you think would do the most to benefit non-human animals?

I responded (slightly edited):

I would vote for none of them. I would certainly not vote for either major US party.

About what is good for other animals: While nonhuman animals are legally property, it will not matter how many laws and “bans” are put in place. Nothing will change until most of society is vegan. The only way to change things permanently for other animals is to promote veganism and get a critical mass of vegans in society.

About the state of politics in the US and state of the world in general, I would highly recommend reading any books / material /  or watching vids by Chris Hedges. There are plenty on Youtube and he also writes a column on Truthdig

Here is one blog:

ALL political parties are problematic because they are run by the oligarchy (the 1%). The government is a kleptocracy and ALL political parties and politicians are dominated and funded by corporations. Corporations have no loyalty to any party, to any group, to any country. Their purpose is to use up the planet and use humans and nonhumans as resources. The best thing one could do is join the Occupy movement. Anyone who thinks they can change anything by voting for political parties at this point is deluded. We have a choice between the very very bad and corrupt, and the bad and corrupt. The only way things will change now is to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience.

For more information:

Chris Hedges: Colonized by Corporations – Chris Hedges’ Columns – Truthdig
An excerpt:

“The power of the Occupy movement is that it expresses the widespread disgust with the elites, and the deep desire for justice and fairness that is essential to all successful revolutionary movements. The Occupy movement will change and mutate, but it will not go away. It may appear to make little headway, but this is less because of the movement’s ineffectiveness and more because decayed systems of power have an amazing ability to perpetuate themselves through habit, routine and inertia. The press and organs of communication, along with the anointed experts and academics, tied by money and ideology to the elites, are useless in dissecting what is happening within these movements. They view reality through the lens of their corporate sponsors. They have no idea what is happening.

Dying regimes are chipped away slowly and imperceptibly. The assumptions and daily formalities of the old system are difficult for citizens to abandon, even when the old system is increasingly hostile to their dignity, well-being and survival. Supplanting an old faith with a new one is the silent, unseen battle of all revolutionary movements. And during the slow transition it is almost impossible to measure progress.”

Chris Hedges: Fighting corporate rape of US – YouTube

A new academic study by Erica Chenoweth of Wesleyan University and Maria J. Stephan looked at a series of struggles – violent and peaceful – to compare their outcomes.

The result: 25% of violent struggles ended with success but 75% of peaceful struggles ended in victory.

“Gandhi was right, at least statistically”

Why Civil Disobedience Works

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