G20 Fail

Failed Pledges, Weak Draft Lower Hopes for Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development – YouTube http://bit.ly/MhUeRE

Excellent post on animal agriculture and greenhouse gasses by Vance Lehmkuhl http://bit.ly/xZGYAf

Eco-Friendly Animal Products: The Myth http://bit.ly/JAaoaQ

Hunger Is a ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’, says Jean Ziegler by Siv O’Neall « Dandelion Salad http://bit.ly/yqvjNy

Comfortably Unaware: Why every environmentalist should be vegan. http://bit.ly/LzR0Ni

A Call to Environmentalists http://bit.ly/qUwkrO

The most important reason to be vegan? All other animals deserve at least one right — the right not to be used as property and veganism is the step to taking that right seriously. Not vegan? Please start here http://www.bostonvegan.org

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