Refuse to participate in violence

Veganism is about other animals. It’s not about us, but we will also benefit tremendously from being vegan and from a vegan world. Let’s refuse to participate in violence even though this decision may not be a popular one with others.

Let’s show moral courage.

Speaking out against the ownership of human slaves in the times of legal human slavery was unpopular. Abolitionists were vilified and some even killed, but the movement continued and they never gave up. It took hold.

Today we have a moral imperative to end the last great slavery. Please stop eating, wearing and using other animals. The abolitionist vegan movement is a grassroots political movement. Becoming vegan will be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. We must never stop promoting creative nonviolent veganism even if sometimes it may seem hopeless. Change will happen exponentially. Never give up. A nonviolent planet starts with us.

Being vegan is easy. Not vegan? Please start here  and  Vegan Kit

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