No more excuses


If you have visited this page or LiveVegan on Facebook, and you are weighing up the pros and cons of being vegan, then please consider this.

Today it’s time to make the decision and stop inventing excuses as to why you need to eat, wear and use other animals. Look at your excuses and ask yourself what is behind them. Is it fear of social rejection? Is it laziness? Is it lack of knowledge about veganism? Is it just plain speciesism that you mistakenly think or prefer to view nonhuman sentient beings as “things” to use? Is it because you believe your palate pleasure is more important than taking a life?

Please consider the 179 million land animals who are tortured and murdered today and every day.

Consider the 100s of millions of male baby chicks who are being ground up alive each year because they are of no use to the egg industry.

Consider the grieving mothers whose calves have been ripped away from them at birth and murdered so that we can steal her secretions, all for a piece of cheese or milk for our coffee.

Consider the two trillion plus sea animals who loved life and did not want to die, who were ripped from the sea this year and tortured and murdered for our gustatory pleasure.

Consider the rivers of blood that flow each day which we never see and which we would rather not think about.

Consider how many millions of people are continuing to make the same excuses — trivial excuses — that you do and who allow this continuation of great violence. People — who mean well just like you — but who continue to make excuses as to why they cannot be vegan.

All this violence, death and suffering is mostly for our palate pleasure. Such trivial excuses for such horrific violence. Is it morally justifiable?
be vegan.

It is easy and you will never regret it.
You can do it right now.
No more excuses 🙂

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