You might make yourself feel better, but only the animals lose

ALL use = abuse. Let’s not deceive ourselves that slavery can be “humane” or acceptable. There’s no such thing as “humane” use or “humane” murder and even if there were, it would still be unjust. We may make ourselves feel better promoting “humane” use (reform). We may congratulate ourselves and receive donations from the non-vegan public while we claim “victory”. We may believe that “every little bit helps”. We may believe and claim we are “doing something” for other animals but the truth is we do very little but entrench other animals further in the property paradigm; reinforce speciesism, help industry become more profitable; increase the sale of animal products; and send confusing messages to the public that it’s acceptable to use other animals as “resources” as long as it is “humane”.

200 years of welfare and we have more animals being tortured in more horrific ways than ever before. Welfare does not work. It can not work. Industry will not give animals anything more than what remains profitable for them, so animals will ALWAYS lose. “Reform” for other animals is a like putting a pillow under the head of someone being water-boarded.

Laws will be overturned, and “bans” will come and go while the public is speciesist.

Please stop promoting “reform” and promote veganism instead. Anything less than veganism is violence. Creative nonviolent, vegan education DOES work.

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