I am a person, not property

Non-human animals experience, feel pain, form relationships, remember and respond to others and the world. Just like us, they are all individuals. We do not need to use other animals for health or environmental reasons. Most of our use of them is for our pleasure.  This is morally wrong.  ALL use is abuse. There is no such thing as non-abusive use, so the solution is not more regulation of how we use animals. Our use of animals needs to be abolished.  The solution? Veganism. Vegans do not use animals for food, clothing, entertainment, or other reasons. It’s easy to be vegan. Today can be your first step to a nonviolent life.  Please go vegan and educate others  to do so. Let’s work to end the property status of non-human animals.  Find out more at www.VeganismisNonviolence.com

Lobsters learn and show ability to avoid future  situations which are problematic. They groom, show signs of physical distress and pain. Sentience is all that matters. Time to end the excuses and go vegan.

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