And yet you claim that being vegan is “extreme”: images

Abolitionist veganism is about the abolition of the property status of non-human animals through creative, nonviolent vegan advocacy. The abolition of use should not be pursued through welfare “reform” (single issue campaigns) and through focusing on “cruelty”, because there’s no such thing as non-abusive use.  ALL use is abuse. “Reform” does little to nothing to help nonhuman animals. What it does do is it increases industry’s efficiency. Industry’s production costs go down. These savings are passed on to the consumer. The consumer has their conscience soothed thinking that animals are being treated “humanely” and the demand for “happy” animal products increases.

There’s been 200 years plus of welfare and there’s more exploitation in more horrific ways than ever before. “Cruelty” will be ended when we end use and the way to end use is to be vegan and educate others to do so. Not vegan? Please start here

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