It’s important we have a reality check from time to time

As I and other abolitionists realise, ALL animal use is abuse and there’s no such thing as non-abusive use. I usually don’t post disturbing images on my pages. There’s a number of reasons for this. Often a brief description of animal use is enough. I don’t know about you, but as an abolitionist vegan, I’ve seen enough horror and I feel like I almost suffer a kind of PTSD after I view any animal videos and images. They don’t even need to be horrific (although most of them are). I find witnessing any kind of animal exploitation to be disturbing. Any at all.

However it’s important that we have a reality check from time to time, particularly if we are continuing to eat, wear and use animals. So occasionally I will post this particular vid as a reminder of what we are participating in if we are not vegan. (Remember that veganism is more than a diet.)I posted this vid on my Youtube pageabout 3 years ago. Since then it’s been “flagged” but you can still view it. I think it’s important that anyone who eats animal products (e.g flesh, cheese, yoghurt, milk, eggs and so forth) and who wears animals products and in general uses animals, watches this. We need to know what we are participating in. It’s only fair.This video is a “humane” slaughterhouse vid. This is what large animal orgs are suggesting is more “humane”. This is what industry is suggesting is “humane”. This is what “Ban Live Export” and other welfare “reform” promoters and “happy animal product” promoters are suggesting is “humane”. Decide for yourself. But as an abolitionist, even if they played Mozart to animals as they walked them gently into an beautiful field and then murdered them while they stroked their head, it would still be unacceptable to me and it is unjust.

Make no mistake. Even if an animal is raised on an “organic” farm, they end up at the same slaughterhouse.

Just remember that THIS slaughterhouse is considered a “humane” slaughterhouse. This is the kind of slaughterhouse that would be promoted by Temple Grandin (the “expert” on how to murder animals with “compassion”).

Please watch it, and if you are not vegan, PLEASE go vegan. If you are VEGAN, then don’t watch it.

If you feel you are not able to watch the above video, you can  view a powerful vid which has not blood and guts, but is very sad indeed.


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