Nonviolence is not some abstract idea


Nonviolence is not some abstract idea that we promote but do not need to incorporate into our lives. As Gandhi said we need to be the change we wish to see. If we want a nonviolent planet, it starts with us as individuals. Using other animals as property is great violence. We need to take animals off our plates, off our bodies and stop using them for entertainment and other reasons. Being vegan is a first step to a nonviolent life. It will be the best decision you make in your life and it is easier than you think.

Please share the following links with friends and impress upon them that there is no “compassionate” way to use animals. There is no “humane” way to use and to murder them. ALL use is abuse. The solution? Go vegan.

The Sad Story of Milk
The Sad Story of Eggs
The Sad Story of Fish
The Sad Story of Wool and “Lamb”
Why honey is not vegan

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