What is in your control and what is not?

Today someone said to me on a Facebook site in justification of their use of animals, that “bad things happen in the world“. Let me say that there is no justification for animal use that I’ve heard so far (and I’ve heard just about every justification there is over the years) that has been convincing. This justification I find to be particularly odd. As if because bad things happen, then we may as well do what we like.

There is intentional harm and there is unintentional harm. There are many negative things that happen and there is violence in the world in the world that we cannot control, but there are things we can control. Something we can control is our mind and our own actions. When we use animals for food, clothing, entertainment and other purposes, we are participating in intentional harm. We can ensure we are not participating in intentional harm and violence by not consuming animal products and by not using animals for clothing, entertainment and other reasons. In other words, we can avoid intentional harm and violence by becoming vegan.

Being vegan is not a hardship. It is a source of great happiness. It is profound and it is easy.

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