Is snakeskin or fur worse than leather and other animals products?

Large animal groups often promote the idea that there is a difference between leather and wool, snake skin, fur, and so on. They also present meat being as being worse than dairy and eggs.

Recently a large animal organisation accused a couple of celebrities — Lady Gaga and Rihanna — of being “callous” “creepy” and “freaks” for wearing snake skin, yet these celebrities (and the non-vegan public) wear, eat and consume other animal products including leather, which are all the result of torture and murder. “Leather” is obtained by skinning cows, often times while they are still conscious because due to the pressures on the production lines, animals are not stunned properly.

We need to stop creating moral distinctions between leather and fur, wool, snake skin, dairy, meat and so on.

If large animal groups are truly interested in ending animal “abuse” and “cruelty”, they should promote veganism to end the property status of nonhuman animals (not single issue campaigns) because there is no such thing as non-abusive use. ALL use is abuse. ALL animal products and animal use are morally unjustifiable.

Vegans do not use animals for food, clothing, entertainment or other reasons. Not vegan? please start here

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