Is life “sacred”?

This essay by Chris Hedges titled “Life Is Sacred” , while very well written and worth reading,  doesn’t acknowledge that *we* the public create the demand for animal products and animal use and without this demand there would be no super-trawlers destroying the oceans; “cattle” ranchers destroying the Amazon rainforest; animal use industry being responsible for 51% of greenhouse gases according to Worldwatch Institute; 56 billion nonhumans being tortured and murdered each year ; 2 trillion plus sea animals being tortured and murdered for our pleasure each year and the list goes on.

Nonviolence is not some abstract idea that we promote but do not need to incorporate into our lives. As Gandhi said we need to be the change we wish to see. If we want a nonviolent planet, it starts with us as individuals. Using other animals as property is great violence. We need to take animals off our plates, off our bodies and stop using them for entertainment and other reasons. Being vegan recognises that life is sacred– ALL life — human and nonhuman. If we truly believe in nonviolence and justice, then we must be vegan because using nonhuman animals as “things”, resources, and property, is great violence.

If anyone is interested in becoming vegan, here is an excellent resource

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