Do we value our palate pleasure over our own survival as a species?


After viewing material on this page, I hope that you understand that veganism is not about us, but about other animals. But as well as the very important issue of abolishing all forms of animal use, there are many ancillary benefits of veganism. One is the environmental benefits of being vegan.

51% of GHG are from animal use industry according to a 2009 Worldwatch Institute report. Unfortunately the Worldwatch report is rarely mentioned if at all. It is the other “inconvenient truth”. Sadly and astonishingly our species appears to value palate pleasure over own own survival and the survival of other species.

The Arctic now looks like it will melt by 2020 and according to a recent report conducted by 20 climate change-sensitive countries, 100,000,000 people in “developing countries” will die by 2030 if world fails to act on climate change. The number 1 destructive force in the Amazon rainforest is “cattle” ranching. At this rate of global warming it has been said there will probably be a mass extinction in the next 100 years which will include our species.

If we wait for corporate-dominated governments to do anything about climate change, we are extremely foolish because if we have learnt anything from history, corporations are here to  exploit humans, nonhumans and the planet until there’s nothing left. But *we* — on an individual level — can do something that not only brings nonviolence to a world which so desperately needs it, but also addresses the devastating effects of animal agriculture on the planet. The solution? Become vegan and educate others to do so.

If we are not prepared to change ourselves individually, then nothing will change in the world. Please go vegan.

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