A Few Thoughts on How to Stay Vegan

Friends, we should avoid presenting veganism as a diet, as a health kick, as a cleanse, or as the green solution or as anything anthropocentric. To do so is speciesist, and speciesism is what has created this horrific situation for other animals in the first place. We should not conflate veganism with vegetarianism or present veganism as “daunting” or “extreme” or “purist” or optional etc. We want the public to become vegan for the right reasons – for ethical reasons. They will be much more likely to stay vegan if they become vegan for the right reasons. The most likely reason most people stop being vegan is if they become vegan for any other reason than an ethical one.

As we know veganism is a rejection of the property status of nonhuman animals and is a recognition of their moral personhood. If we educate ourselves about veganism and present veganism in a confident, clear and consistent way and not be apologetic or tip toe around the issue, then even if someone does not become vegan straight away, at least we are positioned clearly. Most people respond well to a clear message.

If you are not vegan, please go vegan. It’s easier than you think. Here’s a good link to a number of resources

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