Idyllic? No. It’s Slavery With Intent To murder

Idyllic. Its slavery

“I am a vegan because after much learning and thought about the issue, I have come to see enslaving, exploiting, or intentionally killing an animal as morally equivalent to enslaving, exploiting, or intentionally killing a child. The only difference is one is socially acceptable and the other is socially unacceptable. That may sound shocking or “extreme” to some people, but it is only because we are so acculturated to devalue sentient nonhuman beings to the status of “things”. What is truly extreme is the violence of intentionally killing 57 billion land animals annually globally (and approx 3 trillion sea animals annually globally) for unnecessary food preferences alone. Unless you consider nonviolence and justice to be “extreme”, veganism is not extreme.” ~ From UVE Archives

“Let’s recognize that being vegan is simply a matter of basic justice. One day veganism will be recognized more and more widely as nothing less than an ethical imperative and a moral baseline. Certainly, there will always be those who refuse to acknowledge the fact that our uses of animals require the violation of the most basic of rights, regardless of the scale on which these practices are carried out. But the abolition of animal slavery is nothing less than the most important social justice issue of our time. When this fact becomes widely recognized whose side will you be on?” Angel Flinn & Dan Cudahy

Please understand there is no such thing as “happy animal slavery” and even if there were, it would still be unjust. Please go vegan. If you are not vegan, please start here  and consider joining my page LiveVegan

For more information: Legal Slavery in the 21st Century  and  Eat Like You Care: An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals [Kindle Edition]   Please read disclaimer about “Eat Like You Care”

Idyllic? No it's slavery with intent to murder

Watch this vid: The faces of “free range” farming

Some recent images from my page LiveVegan that you might like to share. There’s plenty more. Please share them far and wide and help spread veganism 🙂

I'm just a baby

I'm just a baby lamb

they may be different

We close our eyes to murder

Dont deprive them of their right to exist free of our interference

All want to be free let them

Internalise it

sheep and lamb

I am not property

If you respect me as a family member

animal welfare reinforces

In the end same slaughterhouse

This individual

no difference green

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