Why are we so afraid?

For those of us who are vegan, consider what our lives would still be like had we not become vegan. Think what our life would be like had someone not taken the time to bring this important issue to us. Think of what joy and peace of mind we would be missing out on in our lives. Most importantly, consider the violence we would still be participating in. It’s important to remember that there are so many people out there who have not had the same opportunity as we have to be introduced to veganism, to hear a clear and consistent ethical message. It’s up to us to do what we can to educate the public about veganism in as many creative and nonviolent ways as possible.

Today please think about the many many 100s of millions of land and sea nonhuman individuals who are being tortured and murdered mostly for trivial reasons of palate pleasure. It’s immoral. It’s great violence and it must end.

 “We intentionally breed, raise, and murder approximately 56 billion innocent *land* animals annually, worldwide. That’s about 1.07 billion weekly, or about 153 million daily. The total of the *highest estimates*, with some double counting, of all humans killed in all wars, all genocides, and all other human-caused atrocities in recorded human history is about 619 million. That means we kill as many innocent, sentient nonhumans in less than five days days (for food choices alone, excluding animals who live in water) than we have killed humans in recorded history.” (UVE archives)

The statistics for nonhuman sea animals killed annually is much higher. The estimates are approximately 1 trillion to 3 trillion+ sea animals killed annually. We talk about super-trawlers being the problem. No, they are not the problem. Scientists talk about the oceans being empty by 2048. Who is responsible for this tragedy? We are. We are responsible because we are not vegan. We create demand for animal products and animal use. We talk about “sustainable fishing”. These water dwelling individuals have a right to exist free of our interference, free of our exploitation. To torture and murder them in a “sustainable manner is still morally unjustifiable.


The way to end this unimaginable violence is to address our society’s deeply-held belief that other animals are here for our use. The way to do that is to educate ourselves about (ethical) veganism  and then educate others. It’s the only way we will end the property status of animals in the long-term.

Abolition of animal use will not happen through regulation of animal exploitation. It will not happen by telling the public it’s morally acceptable to use animals as long as they are used “humanely”. It won’t happen by telling the public all they need to do is make a donation and that will discharge their moral responsibility. Abolition of animal use will not happen through endless speciesist single issue campaigns. Abolition of animal use will not happen by attacking the supplier and attacking industry. Abolition of animal use will not happen through violence, threats, misanthropy, misogyny, bullying, intimidation, harassment or through protecting egos. Abolition of animal use won’t happen by supposedly “banning” factory farms (“free trade”, population increase and demand will ensure factory farming continues). Abolition of animal use will not happen by promoting “happy” animal products and “happy”animal slavery (they do not exist).  It won’t happen by becoming a watchdog” for industry. It won’t happen by sitting back, being pessimistic, having low expectations, wringing our hands, having fear of social approbation, fear of religious consequences, taking short cuts, or looking for quick fixes (vegan education is a marathon not a sprint). It won’t happen if we don’t have confidence in our own moral position. It won’t happen by misleading others into believing there’s such a thing as “happy” animal exploitation and “humane” murder. It won’t happen by misleading the public that being vegan is difficult, “daunting” or “extreme”. It’s not. Abolition of animal use won’t happen by closing our minds to the possibility that the current “humane” use movement is a major step backwards. Abolition of animal use won’t happen while we have “animal protection” organisations and advocates presenting veganism as optional. It won’t happen if we promote “flexible veganism” or “Meatless Mondays” or conflate vegetarianism with veganism. It won’t happen by making moral distinctions between flesh and other animal products. It won’t happen by treating intelligent adults–who are receptive to a clear consistent message — like children and telling them they should take “baby steps” and that “every little bit helps”. That is not a morally consistent message. And please understand that abolition of animal use absolutely WILL NOT happen while animal organisations partner with and profit through hitching themselves to animal use industry and by promoting and peddling their animal products for them (a widespread problem now). Abolition of animal use will not happen while animal organisations praise slaughterhouse designers and claim to want the end of use, but do not have veganism as their foundation. Abolition of animal use will not end while veganism is presented as a health kick, as green, as a cleanse, as “sexy” “awesome” and so forth. Abolition of animal use will not end by combining violence against animals with sexism or sexual imagery or by purchasing porn sites. Abolition of animal use will not happen while animal organisations mislead the public that a slightly different form of torture is a “victory”. No it will not.

What is wrong with us? Why are we are so afraid to speak the truth?
they may be different

The truth is that exploiting the vulnerable is morally wrong. This is not rocket science. Why are we afraid to be morally consistent  and promote veganism only? Why are we afraid to say that using other animals for any reason is morally unjustifiable, particularly since most of our use is trivial and simply for our taste pleasure. It’s morally bankrupt that we continue to exploit nonhuman sentient beings this way. We can not see that other forms of discrimination are related. We exploit the vulnerable in our own species just because WE CAN and because they are different.

Yes violence is ubiquitous but it does not have to be that way. Animal use is ubiquitous but so is rape and child abuse. Just as we would not advocate “humane” rape, or “humane” child abuse, we should not advocate “humane” animal exploitation. To do so is speciesist.

We can do something about this violent planet right now, today in our own lives. We can decide today to stop participating in violence and reject the property status of animals in our own lives. We can decide to cease using animals for food, clothing, entertainment or other reasons.

Let’s respect diversity.


Let’s respect the very basic right of sentient beings not to be used as property. Let’s internalise what we claim we support –> nonviolence and justice.

Please don’t let another day pass. This could be the day you invite nonviolence into your life and into the lives of others 🙂 Please go vegan. If you are not vegan, here is link to some good resources

Thanks for your consideration 🙂

I am not property

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