Frostie and those who mourn him: Some thoughts

Frostie died today. He was a refugee of domestication and a resident at an Australian sanctuary (Here’s the article here). Many of the public who have been expressing their sadness at the death of this sweet disabled goat are not vegan. What they do not stop to think is that Frostie (and many others like him) is a victim of all of us — our non-vegan society.

Frostie the goat dies today: Image credit "Edgar's Mission"

Frostie: Image credit “Edgar’s Mission”

Sadly the sanctuary where Frostie was resident — Edgar’s Mission — does not clearly promote veganism the very thing that would prevent the constant flow of refugees into their sanctuary. I’ve noticed their blog  promotes “humane” use of animals which is a confusing message for any of their supporters and for the public.

The fact is, unless we are vegan, we are responsible for Frostie’s disability and his early death. We are creating the causes for many more Frosties in the future. He is just one of many billions of nonhuman animals who have suffered and died or who have been tortured and murdered this year because we use sentient beings as resources. We use them because we can.

Most of our use of animals is for food, and we can easily meet our nutrition needs from plants (and other non-animal sources). The only reason that we are torturing and murdering 56 billion land animals and 1 to 3 trillion aquatic animals each year mostly for food is because they “taste good”. That’s a pitiful and trivial reason. If we think that animals morally matter at all, we need to understand and acknowledge that all of them — the ones we eat, wear and use every day —  are just like Frostie and until we cease our moral compartmentalisation and until we become vegan, we condemn trillions in the future as we continue to participate in this great violence.

If you’re not vegan, it’s much easier than you think.
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