VT Podcast Ep 4: Our Attitude to Those Who Are Vulnerable

My latest Vegan Trove podcast (listen here) Ep 4: Our Attitude to Those Who Are Vulnerable

In this podcast I take a look at the problems with single issue campaigns by discussing Sea Shepherd and their anti-whaling campaigns and the unsurprising announcement by Japan to commence whale hunting again in 2015. I speak about the problems within the abolitionist movement and some suggestions.  I speak about our fetishing of certain animals and in this case, Tasmanian Devils and a decision in Australia to introduce them on to the mainland and how our interference might not only adversely effect Devils but other animals around them. I look at insects and our behaviour toward insects. I look our violence toward insects and how our attitudes toward insects are extended to other parts of our lives. I speak about a new social media platform Tsu and my new page I’ve started on there as an alternative to Facebook.

nonviolenceabstract idea2

Disclaimer: Although I mention various individuals or sites in my podcasts, please note I do not necessarily endorse these individuals, or opinions, links or ads.  Please view my disclaimerhttp://www.vegantrove.com/disclaimer/

Thanks for listening. I thank you for your feedback and constructive criticism.  I look forward to having the pleasure of your company next time.  :) Please note this podcasts will be available on iTunes shortly.  Till next time, be safe and please, if you are not vegan, please consider it. Here is a good vegan resource

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