So much new content. Check it out

FSFVcoverTwitter1Hi Friends,

It’s been a long while since I posted anything on my site. My apologies. I invite you to join my Youtube channel: Faint Signals from Vega where I post much of my content now. I seem to prefer these days to do livestreams and vlogs mostly. I still post podcast content on and it has some different content to what’s on my Youtube channel, so I invite you to check both sites out.

I’ve been doing an almost weekly livestream on the Facebook page Real Progressives which has approximately 117K subscribers. The folks there have been very friendly and open to my vegan livestreams and also my livestreams where I interview anti-war, anti-imperialist activists and independent journalists. I think you will find it interesting.

I feel very strongly about the need for a strong anti-war movement. I think also that those who have an interest in anti-war anti-imperialism, will also hopefully be interested in becoming vegan. After all it is within this framework of justice and nonviolence.

Here are a few of the 53 vlogs and livestream videos I have done over this year so far.   Please also subscribe to my page which is under construction. Thanks for your support 🙂



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