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Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 51: Some Thoughts on How We Can Improve Our Interactions with Others

Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 51: Some Thoughts on How We Can Improve Our Interactions with Others

Some thoughts on how we can improve our interactions with others, how to reduce our stress and anxiety and to be more open and better communicators.

As I mentioned in the episode here is the Loving Kindness meditation (click here) without the preamble.

For more info:
Meditation for the Love of It | Sally Kempton

FAQs about Meditation

A pdf file Meditation Fundamentals

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Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 29: Sometimes the Most Important Things Elude Us

elude us 1
My latest
Vegan Trove #Podcast Episode 29 is a stream of consciousness expanding on current events and issues. 🙂 Thanks for listening.


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Make 2013 the year our self-deception ends

Listen to the podcast of the essay here:

Friends, As Martin Luther King Jr said,“The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, but It Bends Toward Justice”. In my heart I believe this, but at the same time I have grave doubts in our species’ ability or inclination to act ethically toward any other species or to recognize our interconnectness. It’s not an exaggeration to say that as a species we have been at the edge of a moral precipice for some time. Let’s face it. We are a very violent, greedy and selfish species on the brink of extinction and we have only ourselves to blame.

As we head into 2013, we will hear lots of NYE resolutions. Some will be trivial, some will be thoughtful. We will hear lots of wishes for “Peace on Earth” and calls for the end of violence all over the world. But friends, if we want “Peace on Earth” (which one could seriously doubt), we seriously need to stop deceiving ourselves. And the first way to end this deception is to stop telling ourselves that the bodies and secretions of nonhuman animals we consume 3 times a day (and all forms of animal use) has nothing to do with epidemic of violence we witness each day in the world. If we think that murderous rampages against women and children and wars against the vulnerable and the “poor” have nothing to do with the torture and murder of 56 billion nonhumans each year (not including sea animals which is a far greater number) then we are living a delusion.

So how can we move forward as a species? What is an alternative to wringing our hands, or drowning in scepticism, or lying to ourselves and saying there is nothing we can do? There is something we can all do. We may not be able to stop corporate-dominated government from ignoring climate change till it’s all too late (the time for action has almost past). But we can make a decision which is most profound and will greatly help the planet. We can remove the extreme violence of animal use in all it’s forms from our lives. That means we can become vegan. Being vegan means we stop using nonhumans for food, clothing, entertainment, and other reasons. Being vegan is the most important and progressive action we can take in our lives. It’s easy, it’s doable, it’s affordable and most importantly it’s the right thing to do.

As I mentioned earlier, Martin Luther King Jr said,“The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, but It Bends Toward Justice”. He was just one man, but look at the impact he made on others. Let’s take our blinders off and recognize justice. Let’s be fair. We need to stop lying to ourselves right now that we can continue participating in the violence of animal use and continue to claim we are nonviolent or that we want justice. We need to stop deceiving ourselves that nonhumans are “things”; that because they are not “like us” they do not matter. We need to stop denying their sentience and deceiving ourselves their sentience does not matter. We need to stop deceiving ourselves that nonhumans only have an interest in serving us; that they are our “happy slaves”; that they have no interest in continuing life, only an interest in not suffering and that murdering them is acceptable. That’s a lie and we know it. Nonhuman animals have an interest in relationships, they protect and care for their young, they have their own purpose, their suffer, they love life and do not want to die, and they have an interest in living free of exploitation.

As individuals, we need to stop perpetuating this lie — this speciesist indoctrination — that exploiting the vulnerable and the innocent is acceptable and justifiable. We need to stop deceiving ourselves and our children that there’s such a thing as “happy slaves”; that nonhumans willingly give up their lives, their young, and their bodies for us so we can have a few moments of palate pleasure, or so we can wear that new coat, or see that new zoo exhibit and so forth. The multitude of lies we tell ourselves allow us to continue to use these wonderful individuals as property, food, clothing, entertainment, and other reasons.

Every time we tell ourselves these dangerous lies, we make our species just that bit poorer. Every one of the many trillions upon trillions of unique nonhuman individuals we have tortured and murdered over millions of years for convenience, entertainment, palate pleasure and other reasons will never be seen again on this planet. Our speciesism–our species’ delusions of supremacy– have set the path for our own destruction which at this stage is assured as we continue to blindly lurch forward on our path of violence.

The planet -which in our delusion we believe is our own- is alive and it has a way of maintaining balance. Has the planet witnessed mass extinction before? Yes, numerous times. But this time this planet will witness a human-made mass extinction. The planet now bides it’s time as our species knowingly runs towards extinction, an extinction fuelled by corporate-dominated government. We will cause the mass extinction of the majority of other species- nonhuman animals and plants. Although the planet will continue on without us, we have changed it forever. In my opinion, the good news is that one day there will be little to no trace of our devastation or our species’ existence. Mass extinctions have occurred before but the planet will replenish and continue on. Simply put, as a species, we have failed to acknowledge our interconnectedness and interdependence with others. It is our undoing. We have chosen to exploit the vulnerable and exploit the planet and now we will most likely perish.

As a species, we accept and celebrate our love of and addiction to violence and we deny our sad state of greed and selfishness. As a species we deny the very basic right of other animals to live free of exploitation and we will pay the price. We deny our disgraceful exploitation of the vulnerable — the 99.999% of the planet’s animal population who are nonhuman. We use up and destroy the community of trees and other plant life. Those who call out the insanity are shunned, ridiculed and even killed and imprisoned, anything to allow the spectacle and illusion to go unabated. Most of us live a life of violence we deny we participate in.

Let’s stop wringing our hands. Let’s take a hard honest look at our individual lives. Let’s live a truthful life. Let’s stop using non-human animals as property. Ending animal exploitation through nonviolent means is not insignificant. Nothing good can come of our murderous selfish greedy existence we all participate in because we are not vegan. Let’s bring true love and peace to the world, not just empty words, but real peace, respect, love and justice to 99.999 percent of the world’s population who are not human. It’s a win-win situation. Let’s not shake our head and say it’s too late. If we believe it’s too late, then it IS too late.

the ocean the raindrop green

The solution? Be vegan and educate others to do so. Live simply and make every action in our life beneficial and non-harmful. Being vegan is about other animals, but we will benefit greatly as will the planet. Being vegan will be the best, most profound and easiest decision you will make in your life. There’s no time like the present. Make 2013 the year our deception ends. Please start here

peace on earth


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Nonviolence is not some abstract idea


Nonviolence is not some abstract idea that we promote but do not need to incorporate into our lives. As Gandhi said we need to be the change we wish to see. If we want a nonviolent planet, it starts with us as individuals. Using other animals as property is great violence. We need to take animals off our plates, off our bodies and stop using them for entertainment and other reasons. Being vegan is a first step to a nonviolent life. It will be the best decision you make in your life and it is easier than you think.

Please share the following links with friends and impress upon them that there is no “compassionate” way to use animals. There is no “humane” way to use and to murder them. ALL use is abuse. The solution? Go vegan.

The Sad Story of Milk
The Sad Story of Eggs
The Sad Story of Fish
The Sad Story of Wool and “Lamb”
Why honey is not vegan

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Noam Chomsky: Education For Whom and For What?

Education For Whom and For What? – YouTube.

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