We promote nonviolence exclusively (including nonviolent speech private and public). Although we link to those abolitionist resources because of the valuable nature of the research and theories it contains, we do not endorse or support any abuse, manipulation, defamation, intimidation, or other inappropriate behaviour from any persons surrounding those linked resources. Please do not reject abolitionism because of some abolitionists’ behaviour.

Abolitionist links on this page claim to support the abolitionist approach to animal rights. We do not, however, necessarily endorse or agree with everything stated on those sites or any other links provided. To the extent that those sites promote: (1) any type of violence against persons or property; (2) welfare regulation; (3) any form of racism, sexism, or heterosexism; (4) endorse any of the large national animal organizations; or (5) promote “happy meat” or vegetarianism, we reject those positions. Moreover, we do not necessarily endorse links that are provided on those sites.

nonviolence in speech

nonviolent speech


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