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Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 59: Vaccinations and Children: The Issues (Updated Version TBA)

UPDATE (Feb 20, 2017) There will be an UPDATED version of this episode soon. As is stated in the original episode, it is not anti-vax and it is not pro-vax. This episode promotes SAFE vaccines and also as a vegan, I wish for vaccines that do use animals. The updated version will contain some statements by the FDA and the CDC on the current use of thimerasol. It will update some information about the current levels of Thimerasol STILL allowed in vaccines given to pregnant mothers in their 3rd trimester. I am presenting information which I deem is presented in good faith.

The CDC continues to recommend flu vaccines to pregnant women in their third trimester and this contains Thimerasol in what they describe as “reduced” amounts.  The current level of 25 mcg in a single vaccine is not exactly “reduced”. This is significant and it’s still a neurotoxin.

I don’t consider Robert Kennedy Jr. a “conspiracy theorist”. He is an  environmental activist, author and attorney specializing in environmental law and is President of the Board of Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit focused on grass-roots efforts to protect and enhance waterways worldwide. He has an understanding of science and has to be au fait with scientific studies as he is involved in many cases which involve having to read through scientific studies. He is not anti-vax. He is for SAFE vaccinations, and anyone who tries to obstruct the aim for SAFE vaccinations needs to ask themselves why.

Let us keep in mind that a CDC whistle-blower scientist claimed in 2004 that CDC scientists lied to the paediatric journal about their findings. The scientist whistleblower said they tried to destroy evidence about the link between autism and the increased risk to African American children. So before passing judgement and writing it off as “conspiracy”, pay attention to the findings. Also remember that the mainstream media receive billions of dollars every year from Big Pharma and the US congress has four times as many Big Pharma lobbyists than even the arms and oil industry.

If it turns out there is incorrect information in this episode, I will be happy to correct it. It’s not about being right, it’s about what is seen to be an issue which is affecting people’s lives and the lives of their children, particularly children in poorer Black areas.

Listen to the older version.

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