Note to a Non-Vegan Friend

Stop worrying about what other people might think of you if you become vegan. Does it really matter? Does their opinion of you mean so much that it prevents you from doing the right thing? Of course not 😀 Continuing to participate in violence and persecuting the vulnerable to please others is a poor reason to continue isn’t it? Be very happy you came across veganism because many haven’t……….as yet 😉 Be happy that you want to live a more nonviolent life. Yes, a few people might give you a little grief, but that happens when we take any principled stance against injustice. We need more people to walk the walk and live the principles of nonviolence in this violent world. So take a deep breath. It will be OK. 🙂 The sky will not fall. Be one more person who rejects the injustice of animal slavery in all its forms. Be someone who respects life – both human and nonhuman – and go vegan

Please start here and LiveVegan

If you love the planet

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